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Tension Fabric Systems

Tension fabric is ideal for creating large-format, temporary displays. It offers users a fantastic level of flexibility, being easy to customise, reconfigure and update whenever necessary. 

Our range of tension fabric solutions are built using aluminium frames meaning they are both lightweight and robust.

Frames can be assembled together in series to create displays of all shapes and sizes and are available in wall-mounted, freestanding, suspended, illuminated and non-illuminated formats. 

Our TFS solutions are used to great effect by the world’s biggest brands in some of the most high-profile, demanding environments.

Interested in our Tension Fabric systems? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Single-Sided TFS

Our single-sided tension fabric systems provide a versatile, user-friendly way of creating eye-catching displays that are wall-mounted for maximum visibility. Outward-facing fabric graphics are housed in sleek yet highly-robust aluminium frames, built using 32mm-deep profiles. Our range of single-sided TFS solutions is ideal for busy, high-traffic environments where displays need to be kept away from main walkways.

Double-Sided TFS

Double-sided tension fabric systems create high-impact displays that can be viewed from both the front and the back. Our range of double-sided TFS is built using aluminium profiles that are engineered to accept cable brackets and support bars to ensure that they can be securely suspended from ceilings.


3D tension fabric displays quickly become the focus point of wherever they are installed. Large, visually-striking structures can be built using specially-developed aluminium profiles that connect together to form corner, columns and cubes that are almost seamless. Three-dimensional TFS displays are ideal for suspending above shop floors or in busy exhibition halls where brand visibility is of paramount importance.

Micro TFS

Micro is the slimmest of our tension fabric system (TFS) ranges. Built using highly durable aluminium profiles with depths of just 17mm, the Micro TFS range is designed especially for creating wall-mounted displays. They are ideal for use in environments with limited space as they sit almost completely flush with the interior wall onto which they are fixed. 

Lite TFS

The Lite range of tension fabric systems is engineered to be as efficient as possible. Its frames are all formed using less aluminium than other TFS ranges meaning it is our most affordable, transportable and environmentally-friendly solution. It is ideal for creating smaller graphic displays that measure less than 6m² and for high-volume rollouts.