Utilise our in-house laser cutting machine to create stunning display solutions

One of Unibox’s manufacturing facilities most innovative capabilities, our 3m x 2m laser machine provides us with the ability to cut and etch a huge range of materials - most frequently used within our market-leading LED lightboxes, etching a bespoke dot pattern onto optical grade acrylic, and Kontour, our custom LED signage solution, utilising laser-cut wood, acrylic and other materials, mounted onto a laser-etched LED light sheet.

With a specially designed X-Y axis movement, controlled by high performing linear motors and CAD/CAM design techniques, we can produce laser-machined material at an incredibly fast-pace, with detail to the millimetre.

This allows you to create incredibly detailed displays, with branding and logos matched with incredible accuracy.

Laser-machining Capabilities

Materials such as acrylic, leather, paper, cardboard, textiles and glass can be processed on the machine, thanks to the high performing, flexible laser systems and software. 

We demonstrated our laser-machining capability throughout our stand at the Retail Design Expo, with multiple LED Lightboxes, Kontour signage and leather accessories displayed.

Our Case Studies:

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