CNC Machining

Advanced 5-axis CNC machining for unique display solutions

Our manufacturing facility boasts some of the most technologically advanced machinery in the UK, specifically designed for the machining of a range of display materials, including aluminium bending, high precision aluminium/timber/alupanel/acrylic machining, as well as performing operations such as drilling, routing, taping, cutting and notching.
With the capability to machine materials in 5-axis, our Elumatec aluminium profile machining centre and two flat bed CNC routing machines allow us to process different sized of aluminium without moving the profile itself, meaning faster processing time and more accurate machining.

Equipped with automatic tool changers, with 5 tool holders for vertical tools and 1 rotating head allowing the machining of the outer and inner faces along with the ends of the profile, these machines allow for precise cutting at exceptional speed.

Our CNC Machinery

Our computer numerically controlled aluminium bending machine creates custom curves for tension fabric displays, event stands, ceiling hung banners are much more. Taking our standard aluminium profile, this is fed into the pyramidal bending machine, where a hydraulically adjustable top roll begins to create a radius in the profile. The geometry of the machine allows for the bending of a wide range of profile sizes, which are then individually checked by our in-house team to ensure they meet the 1:1 scale drawings provided by our technical designers.
Cutting aluminium profile to a high degree of accuracy is essential to our entire operation, resulting in two advanced CNC saws residing in our factory. Our double head mitre saw machines allow aluminium to be cut at both ends to custom mitred angles, allowing custom lengths of aluminium to be machined ready for production/assembly of angled corners in displays. 

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