Tension Fabric System Displays & Frames

Create branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any retail environment.

Combining tension graphics and precision–engineered aluminium frames, the Unibox Tension Fabric System is a modular solution that adapts to your changing needs.

Allowing for the insertion of bespoke graphics, brand visuals stretch across the surface of the frame, leaving no creases.

Available in multiple depths, the Tension Fabric System can be tailored to meet your requirements and floor space and, can even be used to create ceiling hung tension fabric displays.

Tension Fabric Frames

With in-house CNC technology and aluminium bending machinery, we ensure our Tension Fabric System Displays are cut to your exact specifications. And, with unique, dual plate connectors that distribute the mechanical loads at the frame corners, the tension fabric frames stays rigid and the angle consistent at all times. Helping maintain brand consistency, your tension fabric display can also be powder coated to your precise colour requirements. Using tension fabric, you can also create LED Light Boxes - find out more here. 

What is tension fabric?

Tension Fabric is a method of displaying graphics in a multitude of structures. Tension Fabric consists of a printed graphic and a silicon edge sewn onto the outside of the print, which is then inserted into a channel with a tension fabric system that stretches the fabric across the size of the display. It's ideal for frequently updated store displays due to the logistical benefits of sending updated graphics to the store in question, plus there's no need for a VM or shopfitting team to install it.  Different variations of fabric are available for tension fabric displays, with options for back-lit and non-illuminated graphics, as well as dye-sublimated & UV printing methods for different finishes to artwork. 

Tension Fabric Frames

Single Sided Tension Fabric Frames

Versatile graphic solution for wall-mounted displays in 32mm profile depth

Double Sided Tension Fabric Frames

High impact, double-sided display solution capable of freestanding or being ceiling-hung

Curved Tension Fabric Displays

Vertical & horizontal curves create archways, PODs amongst other unique signage solutions

Micro Tension Fabric System

Our slimmest tension fabric profile, measuring 17mm deep, ideal for wall-mounting

3D & Cube Tension Fabric Frames

Create seamless graphics that wrap around corners, either freestanding or ceiling hung


With in-house CNC technology and aluminium bending machinery, we ensure your display is built to exact requirements

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