SOL Modular Retail Display System

The Sol modular retail display system creates reconfigurable displays, quickly and easily.

A modern day display classic, Sol is simple to put together and reconfigure. Making it both visually appealing, and cost-effective. 

As elegant and minimalist as it is practical and robust, the Sol modular retail display system creates exciting, reconfigurable displays, quickly and easily.

Made up of modular lengths that interconnect to make geometric structures, Sol is capable of carrying a wide variety of merchandise. 

Completely reconfigurable, making it both an effective and cost-efficient solution, Sol also flat packs, simplifying transportation and logistical requirements.

Manufactured by Unibox, Sol forms part of our Modular Display System, a comprehensive  range of extruded aluminium profiles, connectors, and accessories, which, when combined, create truly bespoke retail displays, stands, and solutions.

Developed in collaboration with Tom Dixon, the Sol system highlights our ability to design and manufacture specially commissioned retail display solutions. Something that has allowed us to create many complex, technically exacting pieces of display engineering for some of the world’s most respected retail brands.

A variety of different uprights and sizes of crossbeams to facilitate a range of different constructions

Profiles can be powder coated to your precise colour requirements with a range of optional finishes, helping to maintain brand consistency.

A range of accessories such as LED lighting add an extra dimensionto your retail displays

Other Modular Retail Display Systems:

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