Retail Display Systems

Create inspiring, reconfigurable and modular retail displays, quickly and easily

The Unibox Modular Retail Display System is a comprehensive range of extruded aluminium profiles, connectors, and accessories, which, when combined, create truly bespoke retail displays, stands, and solutions.

As robust as it is flexible, our modular system allows for the simple creation of complex contemporary structures, suitable for a vast range of retail display applications, in any sized space.

Indeed, with hundreds of individual elements making up the system, it offers a virtually endless amount of display options – limited only by the imagination of the designer.

What’s more, our retail display systems can be used time and time again, optimising all your available retail space to create the ultimate shopping experience.

Retail Display Systems

A masterpiece of modular design, together the Unibox Modular Retail Display System components permit the simple assembly of high-quality, versatile retail display solutions.  

Our extruded aluminium profiles can be supplied in a range of decorative finishes, colours, and textures. And, with a vast amount of additional extras, they can also be combined with other structures and accessories.

The Unibox Modular System is also compatible with a number of other systems and can be used with graphic, acrylic, glass, timber and metal displays and shelving.

Unibox creates more than you think

You might be surprised at how many problems we can solve to bring your creative vision to life.

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