Integrated Lightboxes

Integrated, edge lit LED lightboxes designed for POS & retail displays

Presenting retail products in the very best light possible, our integrated lightboxes were developed with the visual merchandiser in mind.

As with all Unibox lightboxes, our edge lit lightbox range can be configured to suit most retail display applications. But it’s within POS displays that this particular product really shines.

And, with the demand for quality photographic displays increasing, our edge lit LED lightboxes are suitable for backlit transparencies such as Duratrans.

Available in bespoke sizes and shapes, our LED lightboxes combine precision–engineered aluminium frames and graphics that can be changed quickly and easily, without the need to rely on visual merchandising teams. 

Delivering high brightness levels across the entire graphic surface, Flux 18 and Ledge 50 feature light guide plate technology, which uses algorithms to etch unique patterns and distribute light perfectly. 

More detail

Ledge 50

Ledge 50 is a lightweight, high quality double sided lightbox suitable for ceiling-hung signage, integrated gondola signage, and wayfinding.

Our thinnest double sided lightbox uses the latest technology to provide bright, even illumination from a single light-source.

Flux 18

Flux 18 features an edge-lit LED panel that provides incredibly bright, even illumination across custom sized graphic display frames.

Duratrans graphics are held in place by a PETG lens with magnetic fixing, making it an easy way to create high quality graphic displays.


Integrated LED Lighting

High quality PCBs, designed by Lumenal, illuminate a bespoke laser etched light guide plate for slimline, even graphic illumination.

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