Retail Glass Display Cabinets, Cases & Counters

Unibox manufacture retail display cabinets & display cases to custom specifications in the UK

Making sure retailers, and their products, stand out from the crowd, our retail display cabinets & showcases maximise interaction and create an engaging, on-brand customer experience. 

From Vitrines, Retail Glass Display Cases/Cabinets and Counter Displays, our experienced team works with designers and retailers to meet their individual needs, products, and specifications. Our range of displays can be freestanding, wall mounted, or fixed to existing gondola systems and feature high security locking systems.

We've worked with high street retailers & jewellery specialists, including a nationwide rollout for GAME, and integrating lighting into Goldsmith's stores across the UK. All of our retail display cabinets & glass display cases are manufactured in the UK to your custom sizes and finishes, with integrated LED lights.


Retail Glass Display Cabinets, Cases & Counters

The versatility of the Unibox Modular System allows us to create stunning retail showcases and vitrine displays. Using one single system, we can construct multiple retail display configurations in a variety of sizes, formats, and finishes, perfect for jewellery display cabinets, retail display cabinets, vitrines, corner glass display cabinets and much more.

A huge variety of additions, such as branded signage, LED lighting, illuminated shelving, full/partial glass, toughened glass and printed glass options can be integrated for unique retail display cases and glass cabinets.

Our showcases are suitable for a range of applications, such as Museum Display Cabinets, Jewellery Shop Displays, Retail Shop Display Counters, wall displays, and much more. 

The Unibox range of retail display units integrate features made for busy commercial environments such as: glass shelves, built-in LED illumination, high gloss finishes, custom powder-coated finishes, printed glass, lockable doors, with our cabinets suitable for applications such as: counter islands, wall displays, jewellery displays, standalone tower units.

A selection of standard sizes of display cases are available, alternatively, we will manufacture your retail glass display cabinets to custom specifications at our Manchester HQ.


How to choose the right display cabinet

How much space do you have?

This is the easiest way of finding the right cabinet for you. By measuring the width, depth and height, our team can advise you on the best display cabinet for your space. 

Where will the display cabinet be placed?

The position the display cabinet will be placed can refine your options. For example, if you’re looking to mount our cabinets to the wall, our edge, portobello and elite cabinets are ideally suited. In contrast, if you’re looking for a custom counter island, to make an impact in a retail environment, we can combine our retail cabinets with other types of display, such as LED Lightboxes (see how Studio Able did this to great effect here) to make the most of your space.

What products will be on display?

If you’re planning to display jewellery or high-value items, lockable doors and toughened glass are an important aspect to consider. Also think about how the cabinet will be used in the future, it may be that having a retail cabinet with adjustable shelves will help when different ranges of merchandise need to  be displayed.

Our range of retail display cabinets


A range of square and rounded retail display cabinets, vitrines, and counters with a sleek designer finish.


The Portobello range of industrial glass display cases, cabinets, and counters featuring matt black, 32.5mm aluminium profiles. 


Our slimline Edge range create easily customisable and reconfigurable vitrines.


Our icon range maximises available retail space, without compromising on aesthetics, with slimline, curved aluminium profiles, feature glass display doors and integrated lighting.


A huge variety of additions can be integrated into our showcases and vitrines, such as branded signage, LED lights, illuminated shelving, full/partial glass, and printed glass options.

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