Neonist LED Signage

A modern, practical, LED illuminated alternative to neon

With neon signage enjoying somewhat of a renaissance with both independent and multiple retailers alike, its retro appeal and bright colour rendition is undeniably eye-catching.

However, neon is not without its problems. And in particular, its reputation for fragility, high-temperature performance, and specialist installation remains a headache.

So, what if there was a modern alternative? An illuminated signage solution with all of the glamour of neon, but none of the shortcomings of last century's technology.

Enter, Neonist.

LED Neon Signs

Neonist is constructed using solid acrylic lettering, not thin glass tubing, making it robust. It uses laser and CNC-etching processes to create custom letters, machined from 30mm acrylic with the LED embedded within them.

This allows for the creation of curved and straight edge corners, depending on the design.  

The end result is bespoke LED Neon signs with a range of casing options – from acrylic boxes to mounted aluminium frameworks.

LED Neon Signs

Create custom led neon signage and letters, machined from 30mm acrylic with integrated LED's within them.

Because Neonist uses LED lighting, no fire switches are needed to conform to regulations and it doesn’t need to be installed by a specialist contractor - resulting in high performance led neon signs.

Neonist can be created with custom brand colours, configured using addressable RGB diodes.

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