Kontour LED Signage

Attention grabbing backlit signage, tailored to your exact needs

Kontour creates stunning backlit signage with various illuminated colour options that grab attention.

Utilising our in-house laser-etching machine, we can create cut material to within a square corner - i.e. without a visible radius - something you simply can’t do on a traditional CNC router.

Created in layers, with Kontour a back panel is entirely optional. Where a larger back panel is not used, Kontour employs a base panel with routed detail that, together with the fascia panel, house the LED technology inside.

More Detail

With illuminated laser cut acrylic lettering, the system also uses a fascia panel which fits over the lettering to concentrate the visible light.

This fascia can be created using a variety of materials/finishes. We can also use RGB LEDs to create various illuminated colours, or even addressable LEDs to program animated patterns out of colour and light, giving the text or graphic another dimension and making even more striking.

The lettering can sit flush with the fascia panel or protrude to give a multi-dimensional feel.

Laser cut acrylic lettering to match your branding

Variable illuminated colours

A variety of materials/finishes

Our Case Studies:

Unibox creates more than you think

You might be surprised at how many problems we can solve to bring your creative vision to life.

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