Slimline Lightboxes

Slim, lightweight illuminated graphic displays

A range of lightweight, and robust, slimline LED Lightboxes that can be reconfigured to suit various retail display applications.

With retail space at a premium, at Unibox we have developed a line of shallow profile, illuminated graphic display products. 

Offering bright, beautiful illumination, with precision-engineered frames and fabric graphics that can be changed quickly and cost effectively in line with promotions and seasonality, our poster-thin lightboxes make the most of all available retail space.

Lightweight, but robust, our slimline LED lightboxes combine specially designed aluminium profiles and removable tension fabric graphics to create the perfect display solution, even in the most crowded of retail spaces.

Using cutting-edge LED light and laser-etching technology, regardless of the size of your lightbox, the result is the even distribution of light across the taut fabric, even across bespoke frames.

Slimline lightboxes combines two of our most innovative retail display applications - LED Lightboxes and Tension Fabric System.

More detail

Ledge 22

The lightweight nature of our 22mm slim lightbox makes it perfect for wall mounted displays, reducing footprint in the most crowded of retail

Ledge 34

The 34mm profile is slim enough for most wall mounted applications and even larger custom sizes are uniformly and brightly illuminated.

Integrated LED Lighting

High quality PCBs, designed by Lumenal, illuminate a bespoke laser etched light guide plate for slimline, even graphic illumination.

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