Large Format Lightboxes

Large format LED light boxes create striking illuminated graphic displays.

With the most technologically advanced LED light boxes on the market, we create stunning, adaptable large scale retail displays.

Available in bespoke sizes and shapes, our large format light boxes have virtually no height limitations, offering maximum visual impact for retailers and store designers.

With precision–engineered aluminium frames and fabric graphics that can be changed quickly and easily without relying on visual merchandising teams, our impactful, large-scale fabric lightboxes help to drive footfall, generate sales, and enhance brand awareness.

Technical Information

Combining specially created aluminium profiles and removable tension fabric graphics, our large format LED light boxes are designed to deliver maximum impact. 

Ideal for attracting attention in retail locations and other indoor environments where graphics or adverts are shown, our fabric lightboxes are manufactured to your exact specifications. Displays can also be powder coated to your precise colour requirements for maximum brand impact and emphasis.

We also offer various installation and fixing options depending on the characteristics of the retail space, and optional motorised and mechanical lifting mechanisms where accessibility is a factor. 

Ledge 65

Combining back panels and flexible linear LED tape, our Ledge 65 lightbox is designed to be wall mounted and can be scaled up to huge sizes.

Ledge 135

A backlit tension fabric LED lightbox, Ledge 135 uses a 135mm deep frame and is designed to be wall mounted or freestanding in larger sizes.

Custom LED Lightbox Illumination

Brightness levels, colour temperature, light distribution, and power management are all considered as part of the final design. 

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