Kinetik: the dynamic patented lightbox

Kinetik is a large format lightbox with animated LED modules beneath a fabric graphic face

Kinetik is an innovative, patented, variation of our LED Lightboxes, using dynamic LEDs to augment a fabric graphic. This results in high resolution printed graphics being brought to life with any effect you can image - whether thatʼs launching a summer collection in a shimmering ocean scene, or adding directional animations to focus attention.

63% of people say digital signage catches their attention. Our patented Kinetik allows you to take advantage of digital signage, without the need to create a new advertising campaign. By simply applying an animated effect to a high-resolution printed graphic, your customersʼ eye is drawn to the display and focuses them on the product youʼre selling. 

Plus, when it comes to next seasonʼs campaign, Kinetik is easy to update. Our patented technology results in animations that can be controlled either by installing an integrated USB drive, or by connecting your display to a network - meaning displays can be centrally controlled, ready to update when a new campaign launches.

Our patented Kinetik can be specified in two variations, Kinetik White, and Kinetik RGB

Kinetik White is our latest development in digital signage, and is a simple way to add a new dimension to your displays.

Designed to augment a fully printed fabric graphic, each white LED is controlled individually to create an endless array of effects and animations, all within an incredibly lightweight frame. This results in a cost-effective, easily updateable, dynamic display.

Kinetik RGB is our original augmented display, which integrates RGBW LEDʼs, allowing you to create displays with variable coloured backlighting. This is ideal for creating digital textures, with applications including interior backdrops or promotional spaces that will regularly change. Kinetik RGB also allows you to take advantage of white space on your integrated fabric graphics, as you can update these to match trends, seasons or even something as simple as the weather!

Recognising that brands increasingly want to promote products in a less static way to attract consumer attention - but often donʼt have the budget to incorporate screens or LCD technology - Kinetik can be used both subtly and to dramatic effect.

We work with our clients to help them get the most out of Kinetik. Whether youʼre creating your animations in-house, or working with a design agency, weʼll help throughout the design process and advise how to adapt graphics to suit our dynamic display. Weʼll then take the finished graphics and process these through our opensource software, translating your design into a Kinetik-ready file, which can be either uploaded onto a USB that plugs directly into your display, or added onto a local network ready for upload.

Kinetik combines two of our most innovative retail display applications - LED Lightboxes and Tension Fabric System.

Offers white or variable colour backlighting

Cost-effective solution without the budget required for LCD technology

Data can be held on a single memory stick or updated via local network, giving you complete control over changing the digital texture

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