Corner / Column Lightboxes

LED Lightboxes that seamlessly wrap around columns and corners

Maximise branding opportunities throughout retail spaces with our Ledge 46 LED Lightbox, specially designed with mitred corners to seamlessly wrap around corners and columns.

Measuring only 46mm in depth, and capable of being created in small and large format graphic displays, Ledge 46 can be tailored to your individual store requirements.

Utilising our Tension Fabric System, Ledge 46 offers the option of infinitely changeable graphics to keep store promotions and branding up to date, meaning in store staff can easily and quickly update displays without the need for VM teams to be called out.

More Detail

With precision–engineered aluminium frames and fabric graphics that can be changed quickly and easily without relying on visual merchandising teams, our impactful, large-scale retail lightboxes help to drive footfall, generate sales, and enhance brand awareness.

Unibox light boxes use solid-state, LED lighting. This allows us to maintain a compact footprint, high brightness levels, and perfectly even light distribution across the large, interchangeable graphic surface.

We also offer various installation and fixing options depending on the characteristics of the retail space, and optional motorised and mechanical lifting mechanisms where accessibility is a factor. 

Corner Lightboxes combines two of our most innovative retail display applications - LED Lightboxes and Tension Fabric System.

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