Kontakt: Cable-free Illuminated Moveable Retail Shelving

Illuminated Retail Shelving that removes the fuss from adjusting store layout

Movable, illuminated retail shelving system that ensures your products are perfectly lit, without the fuss. No wires, no connectors, and no need for costly electrical specialists or shopfitters, Kontakt is used to keep stores on brand, and products flawlessly illuminated.

By making it as simple as picking up a shelf and moving it, our illuminated shelving allows shop staff to quickly and easily refresh product displays in line with changing promotions and seasonality.

A high-quality, versatile solution for retailers, designers and visual merchandising teams, the simplicity and ingenuity of Kontakt results in bespoke LED lighting, specific to your products, retail shelving scheme and layout, while at the same time helping to lower overall logistical costs.

Moveable LED Illuminated Floating Shelving

While simple to use, Kontakt is the culmination of some very creative electrical engineering and lighting ingenuity.

Running off a flexible track system, Kontakt allows power to flow in either direction across the LEDs. This means our retail shelving system can be moved and products merchandised in a far less regimented way than ever before, resulting in illuminated floating shelving with integrated LED Lighting.

With powder coat based technology that gives the perfect level of insulation, the result is elegance of design, without bulky plastic extrusions. Using specialist alloy brackets to allow maximum current into the electrical cables and luminaires, as well as being super conductive, Kontakt is also designed to support heavy products.

A range of layout options are available, from 300mm to 900mm combinations

You choose from a choice of finishes. It can be painted, lacquered, foiled, laminated or covered in fake fur - if that’s your thing.

Integrated LED luminaires, creating illuminated floating shelving with bespoke lighting configurations specific to your products

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