Queue Management

A range of Modular Queue Management Systems to suit any location

Being able to limit the number of customers within a store at any given time is crucial if retailers are to successfully facilitate social distancing. By far, the most accessible way of achieving this is to request that shoppers queue outside a store until it is safe for them to enter but it is vital that these queues are managed effectively so that people remain two metres away from one another.

The implementation of queueing systems at essential stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies has proven that using physical barriers is the most effective way of encouraging people to queue in a calm, orderly manner and of directing queues to form in the most appropriate locations.

Our queue management systems offer a solution that communicates instructions with the right level of authority without provoking unnecessary anxiety amongst shoppers. Thanks to the inherent properties of aluminium, each unit is robust enough to tolerate high levels of usage without being too heavy – a feature which enables store workers to strategically move queue management systems from one location to another with both ease and speed.


• People respond more to queueing when a physical system is in place.
• Direct the queue to the most appropriate space.
• Keep access ways open.
• Create alternative queues to give priority access to the most vulnerable and to NHS staff.
• Each item comes as: 1x Post, 1x Base, 1x Chain/Belt.

Chain Barrier or Belt Barrier

Chain Barrier

Belt Barrier

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