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Schuh TwentyTwenty Concept Store

Schuh TwentyTwenty Concept Store

Footwear retailer schuh introduce their visionary new store concept: “schuh TwentyTwenty”.

Designed by Briggs Hillier and realised by teams from Unibox and schuh’s established supply chain, ‘schuh TwentyTwenty’ is a striking revision of schuh’s store format. The aim? To deliver a laser focus on youth, aged 14-24 years, through key brand storytelling and product activations.

Offering unparalleled experience in designing, extruding, and fabricating aluminium profiles to deliver retail lighting and merchandising solutions, Unibox were the perfect partner to help Briggs Hillier Design deliver schuh’s vision.

Product Development

Schuh TwentyTwenty is revolutionary from floor to ceiling. It is an integration of leading lighting technology, beautifully engineered aluminium extrusions, and intelligently thought out designs, all of which come together to create an entirely new kind of shopping experience. The installation’s standout feature is the illuminated archways. Spanning the full width of the store, the upright element serves as the main merchandising system and provides much of the interior lighting. To ensure that the proposed installation would look fantastic, perform well and be easy to install, Unibox worked in collaboration with Briggs Hillier Design and schuh. Our team’s expert knowledge of the inherent properties of the materials we were working with enabled us to develop a system that was fit for purpose as soon as it hit the store.

Bringing Designs to Life

Once finalised, we set about bringing the designs to life. Due to its proximity to schuh’s Head Office, the Livingston store was scheduled to be the first trial site. The manufacture and delivery of the equipment for this location was required within an incredibly tight timescale, but our unique mix of skills and expertise enabled profile fabrication, luminaire assembly, and electrical testing to all flow smoothly throughout recently extended production facility. For just one of schuh’s 132 stores, our team supplied over 120m of illuminated profile for the system’s signature archways as well as nearly 1000m of RSB extrusion with bespoke brackets. 

We pre-built the entire system prior to dispatch to ensure that it would meet Briggs Hillier Design’s expectations and perform exactly as schuh envisioned it would. After a successful install at schuh Livingston, we have since delivered the same system for the retailer’s Bristol and Manchester stores.

The Result

The ‘TwentyTwenty’ project readies schuh for the decade ahead with a ‘Future Fit’ design and a platform from which to grow in the youth target market.   

Thank you for all your efforts in getting this project over the line. It has been a pleasure working with like-minded people, and learning from each of you as we go. It’s great to have such a high level of confidence in our supply partners and the result speaks for itself. We look forward to a continued and successful business relationship with you.  

Head of Store Development, schuh