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River Island Illuminated Shelving Roll-out

River Island Illuminated Shelving Roll-out

Keeping up to date with in-store trends is a crucial challenge for fashion retailers. But it’s a challenge visual merchandising teams must face to prevent stores looking dated or out of sync with customers.

For fashion giant River Island, a new solution was required. One that allowed shop staff to refresh product displays quickly and easily in line with changing promotions and seasonality.

The result is the award winning Kontakt retail shelving system, that creates moveable, illuminated shelving without any cables or connectors.


Working together to realise River Island’s brand vision, this collaborative process saw Unibox involved in the design process from the start, creating prototypes before the final concept was executed.

Running off a flexible track system, Kontakt was developed to allow power to flow in either direction across the LEDs. This meant that shelves could be moved and products merchandised in a far less regimented way than ever before.


With powder coat based technology to give the perfect level of insulation, the result was elegance of design, without bulky plastic extrusions.

Using specialist alloy brackets to allow maximum current into the electrical cables and luminaires, as well as being superconductive, Kontakt was also designed to support heavy products. To complete the project to the highest visual standard, all new components and connectors were also manufactured in-house.


Kontakt delivered on the River Island shopfitting teams’ vision: a moveable shelving system that can keep pace with the retail industry. Combining Unibox’s in-house manufacturing capabilities as well as Lumenal’s specialist lighting technology, Kontakt has been recognised as one of the most innovative retail shelving solutions (Lux Award Winner / Retail Design Expo Innovation Trail Shortlisted).

Throughout this project, we advised and collaborated with River Island’s in-house teams and external design agency on how best to realise their vision. This system has since been rolled out into River Island’s Bullring flagship store, and its newly renovated Trafford Centre store.

With this commitment to meeting the needs of our retail customers at the heart of everything we do, today, all our clients can benefit from the results of our investment in research and development with our Kontakt system.