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The Neonist range of illuminated signage is a safer, more durable alternative to traditional neon. It replicates the iconic aesthetic of genuine neon signs, bringing bursts of energy and retro charm into spaces of all types.

A reimagining of outdated materials and technologies, Neonist signs are engineered to meet the needs and values of modern users. They can be created in custom sizes, shapes, and colours to suit client-specific brand guidelines or blend seamlessly with existing interior design schemes.

Our range of Neonist signage solutions is used by an international network of clients working in retail, hospitality, leisure, and commercial interior design to create spaces that are guaranteed to make a lasting impact.



Tuneable White (3500k - 6500k)

Fixed White





Finishing Options

Neonist Round

Neonist Round uses a 6mm pass when CNC-machining the acrylic panels to give the rounded aesthetic of traditional Neon.

Neonist Square

Neonist Square has a small internal radius to allow for the reproduction of intricate designs and brand logos.