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Publicly, privately, personally and professionally, we are all facing up to the unsettling reality of an entirely new normal. Its impacts are wide-ranging and far-reaching, with communities and businesses of all types working to recalibrate their lives in accordance with the demands of post-pandemic society. Reflecting on these unprecedented changes, we asked ourselves a simple question... "What actions can Unibox take today that will make a lasting, positive difference within the world of tomorrow?"
The answer was clear - redirecting our resources, expertise, technologies and creativity into the development of protective equipment that make it possible for users to interact with others safely, efficiently and comfortably. It was on this spirit of altruism that the Safe-Vu range came into being. Designed to be the sleek, straightforward and cost-effective solution to the demands of social distancing, Safe-Vu systems will enable you to overcome thechallenges of operating within the new normal.

Safe-Vu uses specially-engineered rubber fins to deliver unparalleled levels of stability. As the acrylic panels are pushed into position, the fins deflect to hold them firmly in a vice-like grip.

Safe-Vu screen systems are built using lengths of our AluGrip6 extruded aluminium profiles. Precision-anodised and cut using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, these profiles have been designed to create protective screens that suit desks and workspaces of all shapes, sizes and functions.

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A Modular System, with Limitless Possibilities.


is a range of free-standing screens that has been designed for use in a variety of environments including reception areas, offices, customer service desks and flexible meeting spaces. Fin systems can be supplied with or without access ports and can be manufactured according to client-specific dimensional requirements.


is a range of robust yet visually elegant protective screens. Built using transparent acrylic panels and anodised aluminium profiles, Float systems blend seamlessly into commercial spaces of all types whilst making no compromises in the levels of protection delivered at each individual workstation.


is a range of protective screens built using anodised aluminium frames and acrylic panels. They are available as either mobile or static units and can be manufactured in a range of standard sizes or to your custom dimensions. Mobile frames are supplied with lockable low-profile castors and deliver highlyflexible protection in a wide variety of environments.

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Fin, Float and Free. The Safe-Vu Range.


Fin uses cutting-edge AluGrip6 technology – a range of supportive feet and connective brackets that securely lock laser-cut panels of 6mm acrylic together. AluGrip6 systems offer unparalleled flexibility and are ideal for use in reception areas, retail spaces, commercial offices, cafes and more.


Float utilises a range of specially-developed aluminium profiles to create a vast array of easy-to-assemble screen systems that are structurally robust whilst remaining elegant and visually inconspicuous.


Free systems are built using strong, aluminium-framed screens and are available in a range of options – static, mobile and portable. All Free systems are highly-stable yet stylish, making them idea for use in offices, large commercial spaces and production environments.

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