Shop Lighting Solutions

Shop lighting solutions - Why LED Lighting?

By now, the majority of retailers have adopted LED lighting within their stores, and are well versed in the energy efficiency and cost savings they offer.

However, in our experience, not many clients are fully utilising the customisation benefits that LED Lighting offers, from controlling light output to colour temperature. 

Reinventing Shopping Centres

Shopping centres have always been the go to place for the ultimate in-store retail experience, with many names and stores all under one roof. But in this digital age, the way in which we shop is continuing to change, so it's essential that retailers think outside the box to keep up with the times. 

Whilst the basic values of shopping centres are still the same, changing consumer habits have seen shopping centres become more attraction and social based than they were previously with digital influences affecting the way consumers shop. 

Unibox continue partnership with SuperDry in Liverpool

Our partnership with SuperDry has seen us assist in launching their new store concept in Manchester alongside their largest ever store in Berlin. The attention has now turned to the docks of Liverpool, specifically their ONE shopping centre where SuperDry have launched their relocated store.

Based on their new ‘Store of the Future’ concept, introduced within the Manchester Arndale in 2016, the new Liverpool store features a wide range of the latest display technology - notably our LED Lightboxes in multiple shapes and sizes.