SuperDry call on Unibox for Trafford Centre reopening

SuperDry have reopened one of their most visited UK stores, in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, with Unibox once again helping launch their new store concept.

Currently in the midst of dramatic growth worldwide, SuperDry are continuing to refurbish their UK portfolio, incorporating elements of their “Store of the Future’ concept which debuted in the Manchester Arndale, with Unibox developing a range of graphic displays to coincide with the launch.

The doors close on darc room 2017

The doors have officially closed on the inaugural darc room exhibition, and what an exhibition it was!

Darc room brought lighting experts & manufacturers to the masses of designers that descent on the capital every year, for the London Design Festival.

With a long history in the integration of lighting into display, we brought our latest illumination innovations to the creative stage, showcasing how effectively lighting can combine with materials to create truly inspirational spaces.

On display was:

How does colour temperature affect lightboxes & graphic displays?

With LED lighting now mainstream in commercial and residential environments, most people know about the effect varying colour temperatures can create.

In essence, different colour temperatures change the appearance of light emitted from a diode. For example, when you’re using a lower colour temperature - usually around 3000k, the LED light gives off a ‘warm white’, which is tinged with hints of oranges and yellows. In contrast, ‘cool white’ LED light, which is around 7000k colour temperature, gives off a colour closer to blue.

How do different store environments affect customer behaviour?

The digital world has heavily changed the way people shop, both in store and online. Customers now expect more from a single shopping experience. They expect to be engaged by a store environment and the products on display.

Also, easy accessibility to the internet through mobile devices allows shoppers to look for more information about brands and products, which often results in cross referencing with other retailers and manufacturers whilst in store.

Unibox to exhibit at darc room

Unibox have been advocates of LED Lighting, and the advanced application of lighting, into display structures for the last decade. We’ll be showcasing our passionate and creative approach to lighting at darc room, alongside some of the architectural lighting industry’s leading names.

Darc room will bring together the world’s best lighting designers and manufacturers, curating an ‘art-exhibition-style’ event that allows visitors to see the specific application of the lighting products on display.

Shop Lighting Solutions

Shop lighting solutions - Why LED Lighting?

By now, the majority of retailers have adopted LED lighting within their stores, and are well versed in the energy efficiency and cost savings they offer.

However, in our experience, not many clients are fully utilising the customisation benefits that LED Lighting offers, from controlling light output to colour temperature.