Unibox exhibit at Retail Design Expo 2018

The doors have closed on another brilliant Retail Design Expo, where we exhibited our latest products and innovations, showing how they can be utilised by retailers to create engaging store designs.

Although we’re biased, we think this year’s stand was one of our best. We introduced the latest version of our patented Kinetik lightbox technology, which merges printed fabrics with dynamic LED illumination. Our updated Kinetik White lightbox adds a new element to the display: a magnetically-fixed product display system. 

The Role Of Retail

In just a decade, the role of the retail store has, and is continuing, to change significantly. The stores of today are looking for new ways to create retail experiences that combine online and physical retail elements to offer their consumers more and allow them stand out from the crowd. 

Merging experience with functionality 

Retailers are merging experience and functionality together, but what does that actually mean? Well, it's all about creating stores that are fit for purpose but also offer visitors more than what traditional stores do. 

Surface Design Show

Surface Design Show 2018 - we're proud to announce we'll be exhibiting at one of the most innovative shows in the UK - Surface Design Show, dedicated to showcasing the newest and best surfaces that the design industry has to offer.

Retail concessions

Whether shopping in store or online, omni-channel retail aims to provide customers with seamless retail experiences. As it’s popularity begins to grow, customers are beginning to raise their standards to expect more from a single shopping trip.

The Neonist Manchester Bee - Where is it now?

After making its debut at Lux Live, we decided to create a buzz around our Neonist Manchester Bee and offer Lux Live visitors a chance to win it for their office! The lucky winner of the worker bee was Jason Pennington from arc magazine. 

We designed the Manchester bee using using Neonist - our modern, LED-illuminated alternative to traditional neon. Now installed in arc’s beautifully designed Manchester office, we think our bee looks incredible, although we might be slightly biased!