The psychological Impact of Lighting

The Psychological Impact of Lighting: How It Dictates Our Moods, Emotions and Actions


Let us guess? You’re reading this whilst sitting in an interior space under artificial lighting.

We’re right…right?

Don’t worry, we’re not psychic and Big Brother is not watching you. We know that there is every chance that you’re currently sat inside with the lights switched on because, for most of us, modern living necessitates that we spend large amounts of our time indoors, at a desk and under bright lighting.

Retail Design Blog

Our Retail Design Blog began as an internal source of inspiration, with the latest ideas, trends, and innovations in the retail industry. We've collated the projects we found most useful for our own retail designs and visual merchandising projects, with a range of applications that can come out of the ideas seen below: lighting design, modular structures, bespoke displays and much more.

5 Ways to Create a Showstopping Exhibition Stand (Plus a Bonus Money-Saving Hack)

Regardless of whether you call them trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or networking expos, one thing remains constant: having a distinctive, intelligently designed exhibition stand is non-negotiable for brands seeking to facilitate meaningful B2B and B2C interactions.

After nearly 30 years of experience working to deliver display systems to a range of international clients, the team at Unibox has built up a rich understanding of what matters most when designing an exhibition stand.

Factory Expansion News

Here at Unibox, we’ve been busy.

We’ve expanded our Manchester factory by building an additional 9000ft² of production space, purchased a range of new specialist machinery (including a 5-axis CNC profile router, a 3-axis flatbed CNC and a double-mitre saw), welcomed new skilled operatives into our now 120-strong workforce and invested heavily in making our manufacturing processes faster, better organized and more efficient. 


Sustainable Retail Design

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of sustainability in retail was something of a niche concept, reserved for luxury retailers that incorporated some foliage within their store layout. 

However, in the last few years the voices arguing for sustainability and the need to act now have been more vocal (just think of the movement to reduce the number of plastic straws used!). 

The Rise of Experiential Pop-ups

In the world of retail, it really is no secret that pop-ups are getting even more- if you’ll pardon the pun -popular.  The fact that they are so temporary is a huge factor in what actually makes them so successful. They use their tried and tested method of leveraging consumers’ fear of missing out – or FOMO as it is commonly known. It is also the lack of permanency that is what lays the true foundation for something that is often referred to as the experiment zone.