Nike is one of the world leaders when it comes to creating exceptional retail experiences for its customers. The sportswear giant is known for designing stores that delight the senses and offer unmissable opportunities to interact with the brand, its products and its services.

And now, the latest incarnation of its House of Innovation format has proven to be no exception to this rule, ticking all the boxes after it burst onto the retail scene in Paris.

Already open in NYC and Shanghai, Nike’s House of Innovation concept is the dictionary definition of ‘amazing retail design’. Let’s look into why it’s so effective…

Firstly, it utilises modular structures to create product-specific zones throughout the store that offer more personalised shopping experiences. The laboratory-style aesthetic of these modular displays serves as a fantastic way of reinforcing the brand’s future-facing, precision-orientated ethos that strives to provide customers with the latest trends and technologies.


To enhance the “digital-first” atmosphere within the store, Nike have used large-format LED lightboxes that inject a pop of vibrancy and colour into the space whilst providing effective wayfinding for customers.


In terms of the merchandising systems themselves, Nike’s store designers have chosen to incorporate a lot of exposed metal frames to create a factory-inspired aesthetic.


Overall, the entire store uses materials and manufacturing processes which uphold Nike’s commitment to sustainability. By specifying recycled aluminium, energy-saving lighting and re-usable display systems, the brand is leading the way when it comes to environmentally-friendly retail design.