Cough and Sneeze Protection Screens - Queue Management Systems

As we face an unprecedented time in our lives, it’s important now more than ever to look after each other and keep each other safe.

We’ve asked ourselves; what we can do today, that would make a difference tomorrow?

Our modular aluminium system that we have in stock can be quickly fabricated to create protection devices to be used in areas where people still must interact with one and other.

Mobile cough and sneeze screens.

Revealed: 10 Things You Cannot Miss At EuroShop 2020

1. The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd exists to “create dynamic and innovative interiors” for a diverse range of clients from an equally diverse range of sectors. As well as delivering complete project solutions and store fit-outs, the Nuttall team specialises in the development and manufacture of foodservice display equipment and counters. The award-winning Flexeserve Zone® is their latest innovation, and will be showcased on the company’s stand at this year’s EuroShop.

The psychological Impact of Lighting

The Psychological Impact of Lighting: How It Dictates Our Moods, Emotions and Actions


Let us guess? You’re reading this whilst sitting in an interior space under artificial lighting.

We’re right…right?

Don’t worry, we’re not psychic and Big Brother is not watching you. We know that there is every chance that you’re currently sat inside with the lights switched on because, for most of us, modern living necessitates that we spend large amounts of our time indoors, at a desk and under bright lighting.