Last week we exhibited at Surface Design Show 2018, and had a fantastic time showcasing our latest lighting innovations to the show’s architects and designers. 

We brought our team of experts to help visitors discover the possibilities of lighting integration within materials - again embodied by the incredibLe team at Innerspace (PIC). We had a great time at the show and thought we’d take a look what we brought along to this years show. 

Kinetik White

Kinetik White is our latest patented development in digital signage and is a simple way to add dimension to your displays. 

Designed to augment a fully printed fabric graphic, each white LED is controlled individually to create an endless array of effects and animations, all within an incredibly lightweight frame. Resulting in a cost-effective, easily updatable, dynamic display. 


Neonist is our modern LED alternative to traditional. Constructed using solid acrylic lettering instead of thin glass tubing, Neonist has all the glamour of traditional neon, minus the fragility and dangers. 

Neonist is available in range of customisable options including casing, colour and design style. 


Made using our in-house-laser etching machine and laser cutters, Kontour creates attention grabbing backlit signage. 

Available in a range of finishes with variable illuminated colours and lettering styles, Kontour can be tailored to your exact needs. Find out more here. 


Magnetik is our concealed graphic and product display system. Combining a clever bit of engineering with our tension fabric graphic system to create magnetik ‘floating’ shelves. 

Magnetik enables the design of stylish, reconfigurable, eye-catching product displays and promotions.

Ceiling lightboxes

Our ceiling light boxes distribute light directly onto targeted areas of a store or interior. 

Using illuminated displays (Lightboxes) horizontally is effective when products or featured displays are group together, this allows the ceiling lightbox to create a brighter area of the store that catches the eye. 

Thank you for everyone who came to say hello at Surface Design Show 2018! We hope the Unibox team helped explain how you can combine illuminated surfaces & materials. If you would like further advice on how to effectively use lighting contact us or see our retail and exhibition solutions here.