For the fourth year running Unibox opened its doors to the students of Sale Grammar School, who chose to study Industrial Design as a subject throughout their final college years.

The students, alongside two of their tutors, were greeted by Tim Dixon (Unibox’s Senior Designer) and Chris Bardsley (Marketing Assistant and former placement student with Unibox), who gave a guided tour of the recently updated showroom, as well as their expanded factory space.

Throughout the tour the students were shown how their coursework could be upscaled into commercial products, whilst getting the chance to see the in-house manufacturing capabilities Unibox have installed into their factory, including two CNC machines, heavy duty cutting equipment and the UK’s largest laser-etching machine.

Towards the end of the tour the students presented some of their own work, which consisted of various designed candle-holders. Some designs were more complex than others, with different manufacturing techniques being displayed throughout all of the pieces. Tim Dixon evaluated all of the designs and eventually decided on a winner, which was based on the piece’s commercial viability and aesthetic.

Tim commented, “It is extremely pleasing to see students taking an interest in industrial design, especially during the current economic climate. Unibox pride themselves on their in-house capabilities and continued success as a British manufacturer, which can only be sustained via talented designers, engineers and an education system that backs this commitment”.