This summer we welcomed Fay to the Marketing & Accounts teams, so she could get to grips with what life in the real world is like after college & university. We hope we didn't put her off!

She also wouldn't let us get a picture of her face-on, so we improvised.


"My work experience at Unibox has been a great opportunity for me to immerse myself into a professional working environment, and pick up a number of skills along the way. I was first introduced to the company’s range of projects, retail displays and exhibitions, such as their work alongside Superdry to enhance the Manchester Arndale store. I then helped to expand the Unibox Pinterest page by uploading and sorting a number of project images to the relevant places, in order to make them easy to locate for others and inspire creative businesses and individuals. This was helpful for me, as I now feel comfortable using a website I previously knew little about.

Other examples of marketing related tasks that I completed include using the camera to photograph things such as neonist lighting and signage around the showroom and factory, which I then uploaded to social media to attract attention to the company’s page. I was then taught a few things about the website and what was uploaded in order to make it as effective as possible.

As well as marketing, I helped out in other areas of work such as accounts. During this time, one of the tasks I was told to do was process a number of invoices for Unibox and Lumenal, which I was taught how to do for the first time. I found it fairly enjoyable as I liked the process of retrieving information from the computer, and by the end of the day I could work through it quite comfortably.

I am thankful for the opportunity to complete a sample of work experience at Unibox and found it very interesting to do a range of tasks that I’d never attempted before, and to learn some new IT skills."