With any large consumer launch, display is key. Unibox & Lumenal provided Tesco with illuminated graphic displays and LED edge-lit shelving for the launch of the hudl. Tesco required an attention grabbing graphic display, to be placed in a prime position in store. Tesco used Unibox’s latest, and slimmest graphic display, Flux 18, specially modified to suit the supermarkets common gondola system, allowing Tesco to create a display that emphasized the hudl tablet whilst also clearly promoting relevant information about it.

Lumenal also designed and manufactured a bespoke edge lit shelf panel and an under shelf linear LED light bar. The LED edge lit shelf system utilised Lumenal’s inhouse CNC facilities to create an acrylic panel, which allows intense and even distribution of light, illuminating the products and graphic above. The addition of a linear light bar under the shelf casing provided perfect illumination of the accessories underneath. A simple plug and play electrical assembly was designed and neatly integrated into the display for ease of access and maintenance.

The innovative, illuminated product display has been installed in 500 Tesco stores throughout the UK, with the hudl being presented at the end of a prominent aisle. Tesco describes the hudl as a tablet aimed to open up a world of entertainment and connectivity to all, designing the product around its 20 million+ customers. It has been the fastest selling tablet of all brands at Tesco.

Nick Wraith, Managing Director at Lumenal, commented “We are delighted to have worked with Tesco on this project. Whilst we have manufactured edge lit LED displays for the retail display industry for several years, the scale of the project meant we had to draw on all of our experience and resources. We are proud to have successfully completed the project within the tight deadlines.” Tesco entered the tablet market this autumn with their 7 inch hudl device which has met positive reviews and surpassed sales expectations.

According to OFCOM, three quarters of UK households do not have a tablet. Many people feel that the technology is too expensive or intimidating. So Tesco wanted to find a way to change that and make a tablet that is more accessible. Especially as tablets are becoming an increasingly popular way to connect, play, work and shop. Tesco Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, comments, “hudl is a colourful, accessible tablet – the first stage in our tablet offering, it’s convenient, integrated and easy to use with no compromise on spec. Customers are quite rightly very discerning about the technology they buy so we knew we had to be competitive on all fronts.”