The Unibox Tension Fabric System (TFS) combines tension graphics and precision-engineered aluminium frames to create branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any retail or exhibition environment. 

This system can be used in both retail and exhibition environments and is available in a range of depths, finishes and applications. The easy to change fabric graphic makes it great for displaying promotions, seasonal changes and brand information - to name just a few. 

Who have we worked with?

The Unibox team has worked with a number of clients including Whiteroom, for the launch of LIV, and ASDA George to create and adapt our Tension Fabric System to bring their concepts to life. 

LIV, a women's cycling brand, enlisted the help of Whiteroom to create an engaging exhibition space. We were tasked with creating a hanging banner which would be displayed over the stand and display the brand’s logo to passers by. We created the banner using a 3D Tension Fabric System. This was the first time we had used TFS as a hanging banner, but the result was a 3D custom TFS banner that incorporated curved profiles that matched the brand’s identity. 

ASDA wanted to redevelop and create a new store concept for their George clothing range and came to us for help. We helped create this concept by using Lightboxes, Neonist and the Tension Fabric System. We set about adapting our 3D TFS system to integrate LED lighting, used Neonist to create Neon-style signage and Lightboxes to advertise current promotions. We created bespoke 3D TFS displays which featured integrated lighting and were ceiling suspended to direct customers around the store.

How is the Tension Fabric System made? 

The Tension Fabric Graphic System consists of an aluminium frame and Tension Fabric. The aluminium frame is made from lightweight aluminium profiles that are cut with our in-house CNC technology and aluminium bending machinery. Within the frame, dual plate connectors distribute mechanical loads to the frame corners, allowing the frame to stay ridgid.

The Tension Fabric is a printed graphic which has a silicone edge sewn onto the outside of the print. This edge fits within the frame through a profile channel and stretches the fabric across the frame, creating tension on the graphic and allowing for a crease free display. 

What else can you do with Tension Fabric Systems? 

TFS Systems can also be used/adapted to make LED Lightboxes, our patented video animated lightbox - Kinetik and Magnetik - our floating display system. 

LED Lightboxes: Our LED Lightboxes combine the same components as the TFS system but with the added element of LED illumination. The illumination sits within the frame and the graphic sits on top, creating illuminated displays that catch the eye of consumers. Find out more about our LED Lightboxes here

Kinetik: Kinetik is similar to a lightbox but with the added feature of animation. Kinetik features RGB LED’s which allow for a high resolution printed graphic to be combined with dynamic animation or colour changing backlighting. Find out more about Kinetik here.

Magnetik: Magnetik combines clever engineering with the TFS system to create ‘floating shelves’ that can be easily moved and reconfigured to suite product promotions. Within the frame sits the lighting and bracket panels. Into these bracket panels fit magnetic assemblies, which are designed to support the products and display. The fabric graphic sits on top of the frame with the magnetic shelf components which come in a variety of styles to suit different apparel and products. Find out more about Magnetik here.

Why choose Unibox? 

We’re UK based manufacturers of aluminium display and lighting solutions. Our advanced machinery, expert design and in-house capabilities mean we put care, attention and ingenuity into everything we make. We like to push the boundaries of what's possible and work with our clients to create systems that work for them and drive sales for their brand and retail space. 

Download our Tension Fabric System brochure here or contact us for more information.