Unibox helped Superdry to illuminate its biggest ever store. Located in West Berlin’s Kranzler Eck shopping centre, Unibox brought insight and product development to this impressive project.


On the back of increased growth, and signalling its commitment to continued investment in infrastructure, in December 2016 SuperDry opened the doors to a 40,900 square feet mega-store.

Full of inventive visual merchandising techniques to improve the shopping experience for customers – such as LED displays showing videos and photos of the latest collections - with three floors of retail space the new store mirrors the format rolled out at the retailer’s Manchester Arndale store, which Unibox played a key role in developing.


After partnering with the retailer on its successful ‘Store of the Future’ concept, in the Manchester Arndale, Unibox was invited to Berlin to advise Superdry’s team on the most suitable methods of graphic illumination.

With no preconceived ideas about what products should be used, or even what needed to be illuminated, Superdry looked to Unibox to come up with the very best solution to match its vision for the store; and to implement it.




Overall, over 20 lightboxes were installed throughout the sales space and also in the Café Kranzler.


Alongside our innovative Ledge 46 corner lightboxes, the solution also incorporated new curved lightboxes to surround pillars throughout the store; maximising the merchandising potential of this remarkable space. And, combining display and engineering expertise and unique manufacturing capabilities Unibox curved the profiles in-house.

Because of our relationship with Lumenal, we were not only able to advise Superdry on the best possible products, but also developed bespoke LED lighting to ensure even coverage and high standards of illumination throughout. 


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