SuperDry have reopened one of their most visited UK stores, in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, with Unibox once again helping launch their new store concept.

Currently in the midst of dramatic growth worldwide, SuperDry are continuing to refurbish their UK portfolio, incorporating elements of their “Store of the Future’ concept which debuted in the Manchester Arndale, with Unibox developing a range of graphic displays to coincide with the launch.

The Trafford Centre creates an annual footfall in excess of 30 million visitors, who browse the 200+ stores and 60+ restaurants, cafes and bars, as a result this is a hugely important location for the team at SuperDry, and we were trusted with delivering light boxes for a range of applications throughout the store.

Thanks to our Manchester-based manufacturing/design capabilities, we were able to meet SuperDry’s tight deadlines for the store launch, followed by our dedicated installation team mounting each of the light boxes in store.

Lee Patten, Project Manager at the SuperGroup commented:

“With our recent refurbished store, within one of the biggest shopping destinations in the UK, it was key that every element of our Trafford Centre store was perfect.

We’re glad to say that Unibox delivered on this, manufacturing a range of Lightboxes for different locations throughout the store on incredibly tight deadlines, following which, their team installed each lightbox ensuring we met critical timelines for opening.

This is another good example of Unibox’s ability to deliver quality, on time and as always, the results speak for itself.”

We will update this post with pictures of the store as they become available - for more information on our work with SuperDry, click here - or for more on our range of LED Lightboxes, click here.