Shop lighting solutions - Why LED Lighting?

By now, the majority of retailers have adopted LED lighting within their stores, and are well versed in the energy efficiency and cost savings they offer.

However, in our experience, not many clients are fully utilising the customisation benefits that LED Lighting offers, from controlling light output to colour temperature. 

Working with a specialist LED lighting manufacturer, you can ensure the colour, light output and more complement other light sources within your store. This provides retailers with the opportunity to create homogeneous lighting effects where needed, but more importantly, create specific effects surrounding products that help the display stand out. 

Both Lux Review, and Hamburg University of Applied Science have noted that by creating slightly customised display lighting i.e. different the ambient lighting of the store, attention is more likely to be drawn.


"Results from a study conducted for Xicato by independent lighting researcher Dr Colette Knight found that objects can appear more attractive under a light source that is slightly outside the traditional colour range for white light

LUX Review

"People’s eyes were naturally drawn to areas of contrast, rather than the most brightly lit areas

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


Shop Lighting Solutions

Although sometimes considered as an afterthought, heat management is an important aspect of implementing LED shop lighting solutions, especially within a retail setting. Light emitting diodes create heat as a result of their light output, which can affect the lifetime of the lighting display if not managed correctly.

To manage heat distribution, LEDs are integrated into heat sinks - which are usually aluminium extrusions (due to their highly heat conductive properties) custom made to distribute heat into separate fins, effectively dispersing heat into multiple sources. 


Types of Shop Lighting Solutions

There are multiple Shop Lighting Solutions that are implemented by retailers to achieve different effects - from more psychological effects such as there being enough light for customers to feel comfortable, to promotional lighting such as those used in illuminated graphic displays.

Ambient shop lighting, in its most simplistic form is natural light, or light that pre-exists in a natural setting. 

This can be achieved in numerous ways - two of the most common factors that result in ambient lighting effects are integrated and downlight/ceiling panel lighting.

Integrated shop lighting solutions - Ambient lighting is created artificially by the use of ceiling or surface mounted lighting, that are designed to disperse light over a wide area.

A current trend within retail and interior environments is to use recessed light boxes that are mounted into the ceiling, providing diffused light over wide beam angles.

A possible reason for this is the control that it provides retailers with. By using ceiling mounted lightboxes as a light source, the LEDs can create a custom colour temperature as specified by the retailer or lighting designer, plus should this space ever need to be used for promotional activity, the fabric graphic can be replaced by a custom printed display.

Shop Lighting Solutions

More common applications of LED shop lighting solutions include downlighting or ceiling panel lighting, both of which have LED variants to the traditional halogen.

These are designed for a simple purpose, ensure every inch of the store is covered in light, resulting in no dark zones or shadowy areas.

This is an interesting area of development for shop lighting, as ceiling panel lighting is the latest shop lighting solutions to be given the LED treatment, with companies utilising high-output edge lit panels to compete with traditional ceiling panels. 


Product-focused shop lighting solutions

Illuminated Shelving has developed in recent years, providing retailers with greater flexibility when it comes to shelving displays that can be easily updated depending on the season, products or promotions.

Previously illuminated shelving was wired into the track system, making it difficult for visual merchandising/in-store teams to update displays themselves without outside help. 

This was signified by our partnership with River Island, through which we developed Kontakt - a moveable illuminated shelving system. Running off a flexible track system, Kontakt allows power to flow in either direction across the LEDs.

This means our shop lighting solution can be moved and products merchandised in a far less regimented way than ever before, resulting in illuminated floating shelving with integrated LED Lighting.

Shop Lighting Solutions

Track Lighting is utilised around high density of featured product areas, and is now often made into a feature of the store design.

High powered LED track lighting swivels and tilts, allowing multiple spot lights to concentrate light towards targeted areas. This can be particularly effective given the controlled effect that LED lighting can have, with custom colour temperatures able to provide the contrast that Hamburg University point out in our quote above. 


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