In the world of retail, it really is no secret that pop-ups are getting even more- if you’ll pardon the pun -popular.  The fact that they are so temporary is a huge factor in what actually makes them so successful. They use their tried and tested method of leveraging consumers’ fear of missing out – or FOMO as it is commonly known. It is also the lack of permanency that is what lays the true foundation for something that is often referred to as the experiment zone. 

For any established brand, the concept of moving away from the format that already works can be daunting, especially in a well-established business environment. Popups allow you the fantastic opportunity to step outside the box and let your ideas flow. This freedom to experiment with a new idea is what drives a pop-up; in the short term, you are looking to experiment with idea, in the long term, looking to see what can work for your brand.

Below, we'll guide you through some of the most interesting concepts we've seen in recent months, to show you just what can be achieved when working in a temporary location.

Interesting use of material

Experiential Pop-ups

The phrase “back to nature” is one that is bandied around frequently but it is exactly what the beauty brand Glossier did with this truly spectacular pop up. The whole concept of a naturally sculpted space put together with a variety of plants and foliage sourced from the local area not only produces a calming tranquil environment that has a very calming and relaxing influence on customers but also something that is sure to draw customers, both current and future. 

High Fashion

Experiential Pop-ups

Experiential Pop-ups

When it comes to high fashion, pop princess Rihanna’s Fenty brand got it just right with this stunningly impressive 350 square metre pop up. Plenty of space and clever use of both materials and colour ensure that this pop up retains the brands luxury aesthetic. Key-halo lighting around the centre display and the simple and elegant vertical acrylic panels create and effect that is truly eye-catching without interrupting the sleek backdrop.


Experiential Pop-ups

At first glance, this Google Pixel 3 pop up looks like a rather randomly put together selection of texture, colours and materials. Google have chosen a natural aesthetic for this pop up in conjunction with sustainable materials. The use of colour means that shoppers’ attention is rarely fixed on any one space in the pop-up……that is until they the important part – the product display. The whole pop up has been cleverly designed to progress customers through the store until the final point where they can interact with the display.

Unibox can help your Pop up – POP!

The one thing that all of these very different pop-ups have in common is the truly unique way in which they have been designed and put together with attention being paid to every tiny detail. At Unibox, we are proud of our modular display systems and the versatility that they offer to our clients when it comes to putting together some truly unique and thoroughly inspiring designs that can offer them exactly what they are looking for, and maybe a little more.