1. The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd

The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd exists to “create dynamic and innovative interiors” for a diverse range of clients from an equally diverse range of sectors. As well as delivering complete project solutions and store fit-outs, the Nuttall team specialises in the development and manufacture of foodservice display equipment and counters. The award-winning Flexeserve Zone® is their latest innovation, and will be showcased on the company’s stand at this year’s EuroShop.

What is Flexeserve Zone®? It is a merchandising unit that promises to enable retailers to meet the growing consumer appetite for hot food-to-go options. With patented airflow technology, the units provide efficient, safe hot-holding displays that maintain hot foods at optimum temperatures for longer.

The Chief Executive of Nuttall’s, Jamie Joyce, has teased of an immersive display at EuroShop 2020 which will give visitors the opportunity to experience the benefits and features of the Flexeserve Zone® range for themselves.

The Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd can be found in Hall 14, Stand E56.



Image source: www.flexeserve.com/flexeserve-zone/accessories-and-customisation

2. ITAB Group

ITAB is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of shop concepts and equipment. From checkouts, lighting systems, merchandising fixtures and store fittings, ITAB work to create shopping environments that are pleasant, stimulating and inspiring so as to keep customers coming back.

At this year’s EuroShop, the ITAB team will be promoting several exciting products from their extensive range. Firstly, SigmaGate: the elegant, customisable entry gate that provides top-level security without taking up large amounts of floorspace. ITAB will also be showcasing their esteemed F25 shelf range. This is a modular, flexible, floor-based shelving system which can be configured according to a specific store’s spatial limitations and merchandising requirements. Last but not least, ITAB will be demonstrating the latest development of their EasyFLOW automated checkout. With a wide range of sizes, payment systems, customer interfaces and designs available, their team will be on hand to explain this future-facing technology.

ITAB Group can be found in Hall 13, Stand A35.

Image source: www.itab.com/en/itab/entrances--exits/automatic-gates/

3. Quantum 4 Ltd

Quantum 4 is an independent retail design agency offering unbiased advice to brands and retailers all over the world. As a team, their aim is to bridge the gap between agencies and manufacturers by supporting businesses as they work to deliver complex retail roll-outs whilst acting as a dedicated ‘brand guardian’ throughout.

In terms of this year’s EuroShop, Quantum 4 has (so far) been very hush-hush about what it will be showcasing. But, after commenting recently on how the retail sector has been impressively dynamic and future-oriented during the last twelve months, we hope to see the Quantum 4 team bring a whole range of exciting innovations with them to Düsseldorf…all of which will help brands keep pace with rapidly changing consumer trends. From initiatives designed to help stores make serious visual impacts without compromising their commitments to sustainability through to inspiration on how to integrate the newest technologies into physical stores, we can’t wait to meet up with Quantum 4 and hear all about their latest insights.

Quantum 4 Ltd can be found in Hall 12, Stand 17.

Image source: http://www.instagram.com/p/B7rBsIqHBq2/

4. Briggs Hillier Design Ltd

Briggs Hillier Design Ltd is widely celebrated for being a specialist provider of shop architecture, retail design and store planning. The Briggs Hillier team use their shared insights and experience to create powerful in-store experiences that enable brands to increase footfall and reach commercial goals.

Briggs Hillier has already revealed that it will be exhibiting some of the products and design concepts that have been key in recent projects involving the likes of Adidas, HP Henderson and schuh (an ongoing project which, as it happens, sees BHD collaborate closely with the team at Unibox to design, manufacture and install a revolutionary new merchandising system that is to sit at the heart of the brand’s expansion efforts in the decade ahead).

Briggs Hiller’s Managing Director, Jenny Hillier, and its Creative Director, Adrian Briggs, will also be delivering talks on a range of different topics of the course of this year’s EuroShop. From explaining how to deliver designs that work through to the best ways in which to leverage shopper insights to influence store design, the opportunity to hear from the experts themselves is not to be missed!

Briggs Hillier Design Ltd can be found in Hall 12, Stand A17-06.

Unibox partners with Briggs Hillier and schuh to deliver the schuhTwentyTwenty store concept.

5. Dalziel & Pow

The team at Dalziel & Pow are recognised globally as being experts in strategic branding, the creation of stimulating retail environments and unforgettable digital experiences. Knowing that, in today’s highly competitive market, brands need to be smarter and more innovative than ever before if they are to stand out from the crowd, Dalziel & Pow works to reinvent how its clients connect with people in physical and digital spaces.

At Euroshop 2020, the Dalziel & Pow stand (we’re told it’s “the pink one!”) will give visitors the chance to stop and chat with the agency’s team about its projects, methodologies, insights and inspirations. In addition to having a physical presence at the show, the Creative Director, David Dalziel, and the Development Director, Alastair Kean, will be delivering talks on a range of topics covering everything from how to build an engaging brand through to why creativity is the new consistency!

Boasting such an impressive portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients, hearing what the D&P team have to say about the future of brand experiences is definitely on our ‘must see’ list for this year’s exhibition!

Dalziel & Pow can be found in Hall 12, Stand A17-09.

Unibox works alongside Dalziel & Pow to bring a sense of ruggedness and adventure directly into Mitsubishi’s shopping centre showroom.

6. Outform

Outform creates, engineers and builds retail experiences for brands all over the world. It provides a range of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, all of which is designed to enhance visual merchandising campaigns by exceeding customer expectations.

At Euroshop this year, the Outform team will be demonstrating how they bring brands to life through interactive, immersive shopping experiences that stimulate all five senses. The Outform stand will play host to three key product innovations - iDisplay™ Tablets, Smart Watch Cushions and Endless Aisles.

So, if you want to learn more about how you can use the latest technologies to educate customers about new product launches or how customisable display solutions can solve challenges arising from increasingly smaller physical stores, be sure to go and check out Outform’s range products.

Outform can be found in Hall 1, Stand C11.

Image source: http://www.outform.com/product-services/

7. Eden Ltd

Eden are a manufacturer of shelving systems, custom display fixtures and POP equipment to the retail industry. From modular merchandising units through to speciality metal fabrication, Eden deliver solutions of all shapes and sizes to a global network of clients.

At this year’s exhibition, the Eden team will be showcasing a number of their shelving systems including ‘Eden50’ and ‘Eden25’. They will be on hand to guide visitors through the many functionalities and aesthetic characteristics of these products, and offer advice on how they can be easily integrated into demanding retail environments.

Eden Ltd can be found in Hall 13, Stand C89.

Image source: https://www.eden-eu.com/products/eden50/

8. ISI Global

ISI Global is a retail design agency specialising in the use of POP displays and cutting-edge technologies to bring branded environments to life. The ISI Global team work to help brands develop deeper connections with shoppers across a range of physical and digital touch points.

The company has worked alongside a global network of clients from within the retail sector to develop and manufacture store experiences which drive sales by making a lasting, emotive impact on consumers.

So far, ISI Global has only teased of the experiences and insights that will at their EuroShop stand. All we do know is that their team are going to “awaken our senses at retail” with a host of different sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures…how exciting!

ISI will also be hosting complimentary drinks on their stand from 4pm every day of the exhibition in order to provide guests with a much-needed chance to relax and find out more about the products and creative services on offer.

ISI Global can be found in Hall 1, Stand D17.

ISI Global promises to awaken our senses with their stand at EuroShop!

9. Design 4 Retail

Design 4 Retail is…as the name suggests…a retail design agency! As a team of creatives, they specialise in working alongside brands to push boundaries and turn ideas into reality. From one-off window displays and engaging pop-up stores through to entire brand re-launches and store re-developments, Design 4 Retail does it all.

The company’s stand at EuroShop 2020 is set to be a reflection of this diverse range of capabilities. It will play host to four elements that sit at the heart of their approach to retail design: strategy, design, branding and implementation. The Design 4 Retail team will be available to speak with visitors directly about how their approach can supercharge merchandising efforts and enhance the connection between a brand and its clients.

Design 4 Retail can be found in Hall 11, Stand G81.

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/design4retail/

10. Unibox

Yes, we’re biased…but if you’ve made it to the end of this blog post then we’d like to think that you’re at least a little interested in what we’ve got to say?

This year, the Unibox team will be at EuroShop alongside all of the other exhibitors mentioned above, and will be bringing a whole range of exciting product innovations and technologies with them!

With over 30 years of experience in delivering results-driven solutions to a diverse network of clients within the retail sector, our experts will be on hand throughout the show to give product demonstrations and discuss how Unibox solutions can help your brand stay relevant in the rapidly changing, increasingly challenging world of retail.

Do you want to skip the queues and get ahead of the competition? One-on-one meetings with a member of our EuroShop team can be pre-booked by emailing [email protected] with details of your preferred day and time. We can’t wait to meet you!

Unibox can be found in Hall 12, Stand A17-19.

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