Nike - Millington Associates

Nike Store Design

One of this weeks stand-out retail projects was Millington Associates Nike store, in London. What we particularly love is the integration of movement, which is apparent in many of the sections throughout the store. The first example of this greets customers as they walk in, with an F1 car seemingly hovering in mid-air, backed by an animated wall with dynamic messages appearing. The movement is incredibly well thought out, and the transitions between each clip gives you the desired sense of speed.

A showcase of their commitment to speed, Nike created a dedicated area to the new Mercurial boot, featuring vertical linear programmable LED’s that display moving messages around the entire area of the display.



SFD Retail Design

Next up is SFD’s partnership with Serge DeNimes, creating a new pop up store for their latest streetwear label. This store design stays true to the pop-up ethic, using authentic materials that you often don’t come across in larger flagships & corporate stores. The first thing we noticed (it’s hard not to!) was the breeze block stands, with a ply wood finish top for displaying products. It’s a simple idea, but in contrast to the minimal decoration in store, creates a clear focal point for the whole store.

We also love how the hanging displays have been created, using untreated wood and materials such as chains to hang clothing. Again, a simple idea that looks incredibly effective. All elements of the store combine to create a unique retail experience.



Seldridges Body Studio

Selfridges have created a new concept, the Body Studio, designed for womenswear that’s worn directly next to the skin (think luxury under armour/body compression & fitness). We immediately noticed strategically placed illuminated branding, designed specifically for the new department. Each illuminated sign is placed directly next to the product categories on display on each floor, acting as a wayfinding point in a minimally designed space.

This is a great way to capture attention, and looks amazing. We love the contrast in font weights, and the halo that the illumination provides around each letter. Displays like this aren’t limited to simple typefaces, we’ve worked with the likes of Barclay (SJG), and even created similar illuminated lettering for our own exhibition display at the Retail Design Expo.


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