This weeks' Retail Inspiration comes from Levi's, Tate Modern & ROC Mondriaan.

Levi's Concession Display

Levi Concession Display

Formroom  have created a simple, compelling concession display for Levi’s, that’s been rolled out into House of Fraser stores throughout the UK. Our attention was immediately drawn to the neon silhouette of the Levi’s logo, which is both testament to the strength of Levi’s brand, but also showcasing how effective neon displays can be used in a retail environment.

Coupled with the portrait lightbox, which subtly blends with the denim colours on sale, creates a clear focal points throughout the whole concession display itself. The clean, minimalistic nature of the stand, which includes the use of a single, slimline black rail which merges into the darker back-panel, ensures full focus is on the products whilst creating an on-brand concession display.

See the full project here


Tate Modern Store

Tate Modern Lightboxes & illuminated Graphic Displays

Tate Modern’s shop has been extended and designed by design agency UXUS, who have completed both a fantastic and intriguing project. The space is classed as ‘permanently temporary’, with the flexibility to respond to the gallery’s fast-changing exhibition and project schedule.

The display elements we particularly liked however, were the integrated lightboxes/illuminated graphic displays. Their use is the perfect example of complementing designs & overall store aesthetic, with Tate’s unmistakable dot pattern graphics added to high level signage - as well as lightboxes being used to highlight key areas throughout the store i.e. checkout points & statements.

An added level of complexity is added, with these illuminated graphics mounted within various finished displays. Some are integrated into the store fixture system itself, whilst others are mounted at the top of freestanding shelving displays. This use of illumination & graphics throughout the store creates an incredibly strong brand presence, and an engaging journey for visitors.

See the full project here


ROC Mondriaan

ROC Mondriaan Modular System Display

We’re used to seeing a whole host of ways modular systems are used in the retail & event space, but this one caught our eye. ROC Mondriaan in The Hague have opened a new hospitality campus, incorporating minimalist partitions to break up each space within the open plan area.

Using a slimline display system, ROC Mondriaan have used the free space between each framework section to add different finishes to infill panels, in addition to slightly taller plants that create different perception of depth, in an extremely elegant fashion.

One of the challenging aspects about this installation was ensuring the space retained its open & airy feel, something design agency Fokkema & Partners achieved by using well spaced infill panels - allowing space in-between each section, alongside the use of low level/spaced plants that allowed light to travel through the leaves, providing enough privacy for guests sitting in the dining area.

See the full project here