This weeks retail inspiration comes from Dyson, Total Sports and Gentle Menswear.


Dyson Displays

Sir James Dyson & Wilkinson Eyre collaborated on Dyson’s new concept, a demo store based in London. This is a really interesting move for the company, as products have been glamourised akin to the way Mr Jobs revolutionised mobile phones (we love both - just for the record). Dyson are using a variety of display technologies to help visitors understand why Dyson are a premium brand, and look to be doing a great job.

Firstly, the simplicity of the product demo stands let the products take full focus. They’re design pieces themselves, some with added colour, some without - both look equally at home on the matt white finished plinths.

The displays truly start to become interesting when you notice the huge screens either side of the narrow space, detailing the manufacture of components and the intricacies involved. These are backed up by wall mounted displays with each product exploded (in terms of components, not the fire kind), and line drawings surrounding the stairs of each model.

The brand is portrayed perfectly, advocating the technological prowess that Dyson would want to get across to visitors, whilst also creating an engaging experience in store.


Total Sports

TotalSports Display

As far as sports stores go, Totalsports latest concept is a brilliant example of retail design. One of the clear themes that hits you when looking at the store is how well the brand comes across, in an elegant, minimalist way. The illuminated logo has been cleverly designed to be seen at a slight angle, providing a focus point for shoppers, directing them towards the till points. We know from experience that creating this type of LED signage, that matches brand guidelines exactly, isn’t easy to create but looks incredibly effective on a large scale.

There are examples of clever uses of illumination throughout the store, but the one that caught our eye was how each area of the store is signposted. Using neon-style illuminated lettering mounted onto a mesh back panel, a consistent approach to signage is created, which complements the store design as well as helping shoppers identify different areas. We particularly like how these signs haven’t all been mounted onto the wall itself, but some extend horizontally out whilst retaining the clean look. 

Finally, the way Totalsports have introduced a variety of finishes, including light grain woods and white metal frameworks creates an environment that isn’t as masculine as traditional sports stores, making the store more approachable.


Gentle Menswear

Gentle Menswear Display

Stunning framework mixed with illuminated product displays make Gentle Menswears’ store one of our favourite concepts. Utilising a clean matt black framework mixed with monochrome finishes surrounding the product displays creates an elegant look & feel to the store. 

Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of this type of retail environment, with a unique approach being taken in this store. In addition to the standard spotlights in the ceiling, lighting strips have been integrated into the framework itself, which when combined with diffusers mounted at a slight angle, direct light perfectly onto the clothes hanging beneath. This also inadvertently highlights areas such as the mid-floor units, which otherwise may not be as effective.

Whilst we’re on the subject of lighting, we love the subtle ‘halo’ illumination surrounding the plinths and product displays. It provides great contrast between two darker finishes for the floor and plinth displays themselves.

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