Bleacher Report - Neon & Modular 

Modular Design

In case you missed out, we’ve been pretty vocal about the renaissance of neon, and how it keeps cropping up in retail locations, from indie pop-up’s to multi-nationals. As it’s tennis season, we loved this concept created by Bleacher Report at Kith, in NYC. The astro-turf mounted onto the back of the store, as well as added to the product display plinths, creates an extra dynamic in store. It works incredibly well considering the contrast between the turf and the white interior of the store, and provides a brilliant backdrop for the neon sign - highlighting the glow of the lighting.

Complementing the products and staying true to the design aesthetic of the store, the white product display system looks amazing next to the black floors, and also highlights the colour of the products. The modularity of this display is what makes it look great, with a single bay to the left, followed by two variations of double bays, this system looks perfect for short-lived pop up stores such as this one. 

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Valentino - Authentic Retail Design

Authentic Retail Design

We couldn’t go without mentioning Valentino’s new store in Japan. Again, a focus of ours lately has been materials, particularly the use of authentic and natural materials to create unique shopping experiences. Valentino are no stranger to this, and have mixed the latest trend with modern light fixtures and shelving displays to create a high class retail environment. 

The showcases, covered in a wooden finish with integrated lighting look great next to the handbag shelving display, which again have their own lighting source, but are also focused on by ceiling hung spot lights, that create clusters of light around each product bay. The contrast between the finish of both the shelving & showcases, and the mosaic style flooring makes each product display stand out.

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Botanist Bar

Modular Lighting Design

Sticking with the same theme of modular frameworks - this ceiling display with integrated lighting looks amazing. Although strictly not a retail concept, using a framework in this way would provide a perfect environment for product display, possessing the structural qualities for merchandise, whilst being able to surround certain areas in light - focusing customer attention.

The ability to create this kind of look in retail isn’t far off becoming a reality, as the trend for slimmer gauge frameworks is pushing the boundaries of LED integration. 


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