As you probably already know, after over a year of research and intensive design work we were able to launch our new branding and company website (this one) on the 1st March, but our first main outing and chance to show off this new branding was at last week’s Retail Design Expo.

The Retail Design Expo is Europe’s leading event for innovation and inspiration within retail design, marketing, visual merchandising and shopfitting from around the world. So we knew that launching our new brand at this would be a big task, some may say a risk, but one that in the end would hopefully be worth taking! The Expo itself was held at the Olympia conference centre in London, alongside the RBTE and Retail Design Signage Expo. This meant there would be over 17,000 visitors from around the world at the show, and in such a huge space with so much competition, we knew that our stand had to be both eye-catching, and had to show off our large range of products to the best effect.

Throughout the final stages of the company’s branding project, the marketing and design team were working closely to come up with an exhibition stand and layout that displayed the new company branding, wowing visitors to the show. We made sure to use each and every one of the company’s capabilities to make sure this was represented on the stand. Once the designs had been agreed, the stand was then manufactured in-house at our head office & manufacturing facility in Manchester. With the facilities and expertise in-house, using technical design and visualisation, CNC Machining, PCB design, Laser-cutting, etching and so much more, this allowed us to complete the stand in a form that we could then transport to Olympia and assemble.

Once at Olympia, our stand was built, which included examples of each of the products within our range: LED Lightboxes, Kinetik, Kontour, Magnetik, Kontakt, 25|25, LED Lighting, Neonist and we also included teaser samples of a new product; 19|19.

We used our lightboxes to demonstrate how effective lightboxes are at incorporating 2-dimensional, seasonal, texture in to interior environments as well as a tool for commercial messaging.


The finishing touches were applied to the stand using the marketing collateral designed and created using our new branding, which included designer pads, pencils, tote bags and the very popular Unibox badge (if you get in touch and ask nicely we may send you one). Once the finishing touches were complete, we were then ready to exhibit.

9.30am arrived on the Wednesday and the doors opened, with the visitors flooding in! The Unibox stand was busy straight away and didn’t ever show signs of quieting, up until 5.30 on the Thursday. Our stand was constantly full of visitors and representatives from some major names in the world of retail, from the likes of Apple and Marks & Spencer. The stand and our products could not have received and more of a positive reaction, even visitors that passed by the stand were complimentary and several left positive remarks on our social media pages:

Thanks to a successful branding exercise and a lot of hard work from everyone within the company, the 2016 Retail Design Expo was a resounding success for Unibox and the risk we took paid off. We now have the huge but enjoyable task ahead of us, of making the most of the leads that were generated and getting back in touch with all the great people we met and spoke to at the show. The whole Unibox team are delighted with what has been the best exhibition we have ever had,

Managing Director Nick Wraith was very happy with the outcome stating, “I am absolutely delighted. We have never ever had such a buzz at a show. The presentation of the products and the new branding are both stunning, we’ve attracted an incredible amount of high quality visitors, which is what we set out to do. Moreover, I think it shows that we love what we do."

If you didn’t manage to get to the expo itself and would like to know more about our products and the work we do, get in touch or pay us a visit and have a look for yourself.