This weeks retail inspiration comes from Superdry - in their new concept store, Dresses store - fusing vintage style & modern finishes, and ZaoZuo's new modular display system.



Retail Design Blog Inspiration

Although you might think this is a bit cheeky, we’ve included one of our own projects in this weeks inspiration blog, but we promise it’s worth it. We worked with Superdry on their new Store of the Future concept, in the Manchester Arndale. 

Retail design agency think19 worked with the Superdry designers to develop the new store aesthetic and layout, with a mock shop being created, which involved prototypes of our LED lightboxes, including the Ledge 46 corner lightbox - that seamlessly wraps around corners and columns.

The store opened in late July, featuring the new IDRIS collection and Superdry’s latest ‘sport’ range, with new design elements throughout, including ‘The Cage’: a concession within the store clad in mesh panels and perforated steel, with integral lighting & graphic displays.


Dresses - Think Forward

Retail Design Blog Inspiration

Dresses store by Think Forward is a perfect blend of vintage style finishes with a modern white product system. Initially noticing the white framework and shelving displays throughout the store, these are particularly interesting due to being stabilised by the system above, creating floating shelves and hanging rails for products throughout the store.

The finishes used aside from the display system is what we love combining vintage wood finishes with a white marble effect flooring. Installing the varying shades of wood finish to the store walls make them even more noticeable, especially in contrast to the white display system running from floor to ceiling. The white marble finish flooring gives the display a modern twist, ensuring the store retains its high-fashion aesthetic whilst incorporating essential elements of authentic design.



Retail Design Blog Inspiration

We love this modular display system in the ZaoZuo showroom, which has been used in varying styles to accommodate for the products on display. Initially the system is made obvious in the small cube structures housing smaller objects, such a kitchenware and homeware, which also intrigues a lighting system for each area of the display.

However as you look closer into the larger display sections of the store, the framework has been used to its true modular capacity, providing the outer structure to every display, combining strengthening support bars for heavier items such as counties and chairs, with infill panels placed both horizontally and vertically to ensure full focus is on the products.


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