This week's Retail Design Blog looks at Aesop's latest Munich store, Sketch's authentic retail design & Gentle Monster's eclectic mix of styles.


Aesop’s latest store describes itself as “a synthesis of contrasts that radiate calm”. We have to agree, and that’s achieved by cleverly mixing colours, lighting and custom finishes to the flooring and counter unit.

By using recessed lighting surrounding the perimeter, to both the top and bottom, the store allows customers to escape the glare of product-heavy retail destinations, instead combining subtle lighting with authentic concrete finishes and subdued (yet chic) colour choices, to provide a sense of momentary calm.



Sketch’s concept store in San Sebastian creates a domestic-feel environment, which prompts customers to feel inclined to explore due to the open nature of the store design.

With definite comparisons to Apple’s latest design concept, using organic materials & finishes, such as the tree installation and light grain wood surrounding the structure, results in a collaborative environment that displays products with natural ease.


Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster hosts a myriad of finishes created in isolated environments, designed to appeal to the taste levels & aspirations of Asian Millennials. This store takes customers on a journey, from the rubble in the window display, to the mirrored sunglasses room that provides customers with the perfect selfie opportunity.

Throughout, Gentle Monster’s use of high output lighting, particularly the neon-like lighting within multiple areas of their retail space, creates momentum, drawing customers to the next attraction point before they glimpse the next using cleverly positioned fixtures.