This weeks retail design blog looks at Dalziel & Pow's localisation of high street retailer Oasis, Tanner Goods' authentic material focus in their new flagship, and Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Printemps in both their expansive atrium display & pop up display.


Dalziel & Pow, Oasis

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High street fashion brand Oasis have partnered with Dalziel & Pow to create more local shopping experiences, picking smaller, more rural sites for their latest product ranges.

Deciding to create stores in smaller towns, has allowed Dalziel & Pow’s creatives to focus on how the surrounding area and architecture influences the store itself, with many traditional features of the building highlighted. 

The fixtures that have been added into the building have been designed with the existing materials in mind, using elements of authentic design principles to use naturally occurring finishes & materials to create a store environment that will resonate with the local shoppers.


Tanner Goods

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Continuing the theme of authentic design, Tanner Goods have launched a brand new flagship in Portland. Tanner Goods has a reputation for high quality leather products, and while that is still apparent in this store, the roots of the brand take full focus, with natural finishes implemented on many of the store fixture & display systems.

The contrast between these finishes and the more refined items on display makes for interesting retail design, with marble & granite finish crockery displayed on light & dark grain woods. A nice addition to the store is that the finishes are applied consistently, right through to the outer facade and window visual merchandising.


Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton have collaborated with famous department store Printemps, creating a new pop-up retail space in addition to taking over the central atrium display.

The atrium display itself, which combines with a floor level display area, is a brilliant combination of metallic finished cylinders created at different heights resulting in the illusion of a wave, with a central Louis Vuitton logo. What makes this display truly eye-catching is how it integrates on floor level, with the cylinders then floor mounted and illuminated, designed to hold different products that vary in size and weight.

The theme of illuminated cylinders continues into the pop-up environment, with these used to create the entire curved back wall. This provides a brilliant layered effect behind a checkerboard-style freestanding display, with a new range of perfumes integrated into the illuminated spaces throughout.


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