This weeks retail design blog takes inspiration from New Balance’s Boston Flagship - featuring brilliant product framing techniques, Personal Point’s integration of store design with nature, and Aesop’s latest contextual retail environment.


New Balance

New Balance Retail Design Blog

New Balance have launched their new flagship store in Boston, with a huge focus on demonstrating the quality of their shoes for both running and more domestic purposes.

What we love about this store design however, is how New Balance have used simple framing techniques and branded typography to focus on highlighted products throughout the store - the best example is on the cement textured plinth, which clearly lays out a top performance shirt, with benefits below.

This is reinforced with added contextual design elements in the surrounding area, with mannequins dressed in the highlighted clothing immediately behind them. Screens have also been mounted onto shopfitting systems, which again feature the surrounding products and highlight the finer details: another nice touch designed to assist customers in making the final leap to purchase.


Personal Point

Personal Point Retail Design Blog

Personal Point have created a brilliant concession in their their new store, creating a greenhouse type structure as a mid-floor unit, which in their own words, creates an association between men and nature, the latter being a key aspect of the design language for the store.

Created using slimline wooden beams, the association to nature is immediately recognised, but with some subtle visual merchandising throughout the store including plants and carefully placed trees behind the products themselves.

The visual merchandising and store fixturing systems are a welcome addition of colours & texture, with the wooden finishes and natural plant colours instantly noticeable through the mainly monochromatic products on display. 



Aesop Retail Design Blog

Aesop have once again created a perfect example of contextualisation in retail design, with their latest store in Leipzig drawing on cultural influences to create an environment that integrates into the surrounding area.

The unfinished concrete floor contrasts with the powder coated shelving and interior systems, which are uniformly merchandised below tinted glass tiles at the top of each display. These are again provided with another central source of contrast in the form of tills, basins & table areas, created from oiled plywood that provided a darker grain of wood to sit perfectly with the store environment.


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