This weeks retail inspiration comes from Stone Island, Sonos, and Feuilles 

Stone Island

Stone Island Retail Design

Stone Island have launched their NYC flagship store, and the result is incredible. We’ve been talking about the concept of authentic retail design for a while, and this store perfectly blends the authenticity of its surroundings, with the modern elements needed to keep the store on-brand.

The first thing we noticed were the mid-floor units, created with a beautiful dark grain of wood and a clever integrated brand/graphic display. Each of the shelves within each unit are suspended by belts, that clip into the wooden uprights - which is a clever way of making the units multifunctional and suitable for various products as the store remerchandises.

Stone Island approach mannequin displays with their unique twist, creating bases for wooden uprights, with each mannequin placed strategically throughout the floor space.

We also love how pillars have been introduced throughout the store. These are present from the window displays & entrance, and are one of the more natural elements added to the store, that help create a unique experience.



Sonos Retail Design

Whilst we’re on the subject of NYC flagships, Sonos have launched their latest store with innovative methods of recreating home environments for the ultimate product demos.

Songs called these ‘Sound Rooms’, with each one individually styled with suitable props, but more impressively - with custom lighting to create the right mood setting for each environment. With each room being expertly sound proofed, they allow visitors to see how the Sonos system works throughout the home.

Creating an experiential area such as this helps to create an engaging visitor experience, allowing them to interact with products in the situation they’d normally use them. This is clever store design by Sonos, that makes great use of the limited space they have available.



Feuilles Retail Design

In their own words, ‘Inspired by the veins that provide structure and shape to a leaf, Feuille’s basic geometric forms juxtapose natural foliage against industrial urban street finishes’. This makes for one of the most interesting store layouts we’ve come across, particularly when put into perspective from the window display right through to the sitting rooms. 

The contrast between the use of wooden finishes and the natural concrete finish flooring makes the mid-floor units and till points stand out, whilst the lightweight framework for the product display system is perfectly designed for cross-selling clothes with recommended accessories.

We also love the under shelf lighting on the shoe & accessory display, as each product has its own direct light source. Often this type of display suffered from shadowing, but Feuille have created a system similar to our Kontakt Shelving System, that illuminates from the shelf itself rather than an external light source.


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