This week's Retail Design Blog focuses on Apple's Foster & Partners-designed concept applied to their Regent Street store, Wrangler's focus on graphic display and lighting in their Bangkok store, and Denham's updated Amsterdam flagship.



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Apple’s expansion of their new retail format, developed by Foster & Partner’s, has been installed in the Regent Street store - which was Apple’s first store in Europe. They have treated the store with equal significance this time around, with the open, community-based design providing an amazing retail experience, from both a design perspective & customer perspective.

The most notable addition to the San Francisco-born concept is the added textures. The easiest one to spot is the mid-display seating areas, backed with artificial foliage. However, when you look deeper, the traditional metal feel cladding throughout the store has been replaced with an incredible light grain wood texture, which adorns huge spans of wall space and central pillars.

To complement the new design, almost the entire ceiling consists of mounted light panels, which with the necessary, yet opportunistically, located strips between each panel, add to the perception of depth to the store, inviting customers to explore further.



Retail design blog

Wrangler’s new store in Bangkok uses illumination perfectly, but each instance has been specifically designed to incorporate their branding to create focal points throughout the store.

Taking a staple lighting element, overhead illumination, Wrangler have created a custom casing that not only fits in with their brand aesthetic & incorporates their logo, the angle of the casing projects light towards the outer edges of the store, where their products are on display.

We particularly like how Wrangler have created an integrated product & graphic display, that greets customers as they enter the store. The light alone is enough to catch the eye, but with clever placement of featured products, it creates an impactful, sales-driven area.



Retail design blog

Denham have updated their Amsterdam flagship, with a brilliant use of limited space. The ground level features a full-size retail space, but as you progress through the store, the stairwells provide momentary glimpses into the latest styles, and feature different products.

Denham’s approach to this store is striking, and completely true to their brand. From the blue pillars that have been purposely installed to keep a constant theme throughout the customer journey, to the ‘makeshift’ flooring consisting of different grains, finishes & textures of wood, Denham have created a memorable flagship experience.


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