This weeks retail design inspiration comes from Yumalove's brilliant shelving in their childrens-wear focused concept, Brioni's high elegance approach to retail design and layout, and Aesop's latest masterpiece in Tokyo.


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Although we love the entire concept surrounding the Yumalove sneaker store in Berlin, it’s the shelving display in particular that we think is a small sample of genius.

The first thing that hits you is the choice of colour, which is incredibly appropriate for the focused ‘kids-wear’ trainer store, but it;s how the shelving display adapts that is clever. Each slot in which the shelving has been added to provides integrated support for the shelves themselves. However, when it comes to changing the display, each shelf is free to move to any point along the shelf slot, allowing unlimited combinations of product layout, and also caters to the amount of stock that the store wants to have on display at any one time.

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Taking a completely different approach, Brioni’s flagship is all about luxury. Clean lines are present throughout the store, with merchandise kept to a minimum, ensuring that each product has a display in its own right, providing the feeling that this is more similar to a gallery than a retail experience.

The shelving displays again, however, provide the perfect setting for their product displays. With slimline matte black uprights, each winged shelf is supported centrally, with lighting integrated into each individual shelf which provides every product on display with its own light source.

Combined with the granite-style backdrop, creates a stand-out product display, which draws attention to the products whilst providing a luxury look & feel.

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Never ones to be out-done when it comes to retail design, we look at Aesop’s new store opening in Tokyo. It has to be said, Aesop have used lighting to great effect in their new location, with a single illuminated strip framing the entire retail area, and integrated spot lights rating attention to areas that have products on display, or integrated shelving units.

The lighting is again perfectly executed within the integrated shelving displays themselves, with focused light added into the top of each recessed unit, providing a high visibility setting for the minimal product display.

Ensuring uniformity throughout the store design, event section from floor to ceiling has been created using limestone, which is a feat in itself, considering the variation in displays that needed to be created, from sinks & cupboards, to pillars and standalone display units.

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