This week's Retail Design Inspiration comes from EDGE"s new concept store for Costa Coffee, Burberry's brilliant Christmas window display in Harrods, and Aesop's latest London store design.

Costa Coffee by EDGE 

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee’s new concept by EDGE is a minimalist's dream. The slim gauge shelving structure behind the counter, finished in matt black whilst also curving around the edge of the space is beautifully merchandised, whilst allowing enough space for menus and signage in the centre of the display.

The finishes used in the back-wall display are testament to authentic design, using key components of the brand’s heritage mixed with light grains of wood with subtle printing, compliment the space while the black framework adds a contemporary feel.


Burberry, Harrods


The first Christmas display we feel compelled to comment on is Burberry’s window in Harrods. Their VM team have done an amazing job of subtly introducing products into the main visual merchandising area, with the iconic pattern appearing to float in the wind.

What we particularly like, however, is the way Burberry have introduced light into their bath scene. With multiple layers of display, spanning the entire depth of the display, a soft blue light has been created to wash each of the bubble structures, providing a beautiful glow without infringing on the focused product lighting.


Aesop, London


We love how understated Aesop’s latest London store is. While only occupying a small retail location, the brand have remained incredibly simplistic in their approach to signage & window display, with a single Aesop logo printed on the window and a protruding sign from the corner of the store.

Within the store itself is where Aesop’s individuality shines, as always. Retaining the colour scheme from the exterior of the building, Aesop introduce a beautiful wood grain that fits products perfectly, accompanied by the similarly light-grain flooring.


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