This week our retail design blog focuses on Fendi’s brilliant neon & shelving displays in Selfridges, WS2’s all white interior with clever use of lighting, and Lukstudio’s framework & product display system.

Fendi, Selfridges

Fendi retail display

Fendi’s latest pop up in Selfridges was based on a Flowerland theme, and created a compact, yet highly visible environment for visitors.

Greeted with multiple neon signs, one based on the Fendi lego and the others utilising handwriting style font above the main displays, the effervescent glow neon is famous for attracts attention immediately, especially when combined with the backlighting of the shelving displays.

Speaking of the shelving displays, we love how each one has been individually treated. The first, a more traditional matrix of products and gold chrome framework, with lighting applied in each section highlights each product individually. The second, and higher impact display (in our opinion…) utilises lighting to frame products, with perimeter lighting drawing attention to the area, whilst individual ‘floating’ shelves highlight key products.

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WS2 retail display

WS2’s new store in Poland created the store design around making products as visible as possible. This sounds like an obvious tactic, however, by implementing mostly white fixtures and display systems, the eye is immediately drawn to products.

In particular, we love the two showcases that have been installed alongside the two main pillars of the store. The white powder coated framework works brilliantly against the authentic concrete finish to the pillars, and the integrated LED lighting ensures that the full mannequin is illuminated. The full-scale LED lighting frames the products from all angles, and creates a clear focus point when walking into the store.




Lukstudio retail display

For anyone that doesn’t know - we have a small obsession with retail frameworks. Lukstudio have created a brilliant example of how to implement a unique retail framework, by creating custom inserts for each area of the display.

The framework itself takes a backseat in terms of visibility, with a dull grey finish applied. However the white inserts and shelving displays are coupled with gold chrome hanging rails & fixtures, which makes them instantly more visible and helps visitors identify areas of the display.

We also love how lighting has been applied in store, with a subtle wall-wash effect being applied to the exterior, and a brilliant integration of lighting into the white display system inserts, ensuring products are highly visible and no shadowing is created from the insert itself.


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